Within a financial plan, there is one key risk management tool that is often misunderstood, overlooked, or dismissed, but can be the most crucial in retirement – Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance. Buying long-term care insurance is one way to prepare.

Long-term care refers to a host of services that aren’t covered by regular health insurance. This includes assistance with routine daily activities, like bathing, dressing or getting in and out of bed. It might be hard to imagine now but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life.

The big question is: How will you pay for it?

Waiting until you need coverage is not an option. You won’t qualify for long-term care insurance if you already have a debilitating condition. Most people with long-term care insurance buy it in their mid-50’s to mid-60’s.

Before you shop for coverage, it is important to learn more about the following topics. We can help you with that.

Before You Shop for Coverage